I'm Here4U

Looking for Full Time You assistance, career advice, design critique, life restructuring, or the warm embrace of a virtual friend? Introducing my 1-1 coaching sessions, Here4U! It's like therapy, but with a wholeheartedly unqualified professional. You and I will chat for 45 minutes about whatever you need. Whether it's a career problem you're facing or venting about your problems, I'm here 4 u!

Suggested topics

  • Full Time You personal attention

  • Career advice for students

  • Life advice for lost souls

  • Figuring out what makes you special & utilizing it to your advantage

  • Freelancing how-to

  • A virtual shake down, slap in the face to get you movin'

  • Design critique or portfolio review

What to expect

We get together on a video call. I listen to your needs, problems, or goals. We'll chat about you, you, you. Then, we'll get started on fixing your problems and making you a happier human! At the end of the 45 minutes you'll leave with a set of action steps and a new friend!


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