Digital Self-Discovery Workbook and Video Series

Digital Self-Discovery Workbook and Video Series


Same great self-discovery workbook and video series without the physical touch!

About the digital workbook

The digital workbook is in full live text with the ability to fill it out directly in Acrobat, Preview, and more, all on your desktop or tablet. The meat of your self-discovery happens during the reading and challenges throughout the workbook. The digital workbook includes 150+ pages of reading, interviews, and challenges to guide your self-discovery journey.

About the video series

Your digital workbook will contain a link for you to access the video series! The video series is a supplemental tool to pump you up during your self-discovery journey and is not necessary to watch, but is meant to be a fun supportive friend to the workbook.

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Who it's for

  • Adults and teens in any industry
  • Those beginning their journey to self-discovery
  • Anyone looking for career or personal brand guidance
  • Lost souls looking to gain self-confidence

Workbook lessons include

  1. Discovering Your Unique Differences
  2. Identifying Your Strengths
  3. Creating a Life's Purpose
  4. A New Way to Approach Your Life
  5. Defining Yourself
  6. Crafting a New Career Made Just for You
  7. Redefining Your Role at Your Current Job
  8. Finding the Perfect New Job at a Fulfilling Company
  9. Reinventing Your Existing Brand
  10. Forming Social Media Rules for Yourself
  11. Forming IRL Rules for Yourself

What you get with your purchase

  • Self-discovery workbook and starter kit mailed to your door
  • Access to the video series

What's inside the workbook

  • 152 pages
  • 11 lessons
  • 26 challenges
  • 24 exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, artists, writers, comedians, and creatives
  • Extra space for ideas and note-taking

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