Self-Discovery Workbook and Video Series

Self-Discovery Workbook and Video Series


Your purchase includes the super luxe self-discovery workbook and access to the supplemental video series!

About the workbook

The meat of your self-discovery happens during the reading and challenges throughout the workbook. The workbook includes 150+ pages of reading, interviews, and challenges to guide your self-discovery journey. Perfect for your bag, the workbook measures 6x9”. Nice!

About the video series

Your workbook will contain a link for you to access the video series! The video series is a supplemental tool to pump you up during your self-discovery journey and is not necessary to watch, but is meant to be a fun supportive friend to the workbook.

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Who it's for

  • Adults and teens in any industry
  • Those beginning their journey to self-discovery
  • Anyone looking for career or personal brand guidance
  • Lost souls looking to gain self-confidence

Workbook lessons include

  1. Discovering Your Unique Differences
  2. Identifying Your Strengths
  3. Creating a Life's Purpose
  4. A New Way to Approach Your Life
  5. Defining Yourself
  6. Crafting a New Career Made Just for You
  7. Redefining Your Role at Your Current Job
  8. Finding the Perfect New Job at a Fulfilling Company
  9. Reinventing Your Existing Brand
  10. Forming Social Media Rules for Yourself
  11. Forming IRL Rules for Yourself

What you get with your purchase

  • Self-discovery workbook and starter kit mailed to your door
  • Access to the video series

What's inside the workbook

  • 152 pages
  • 11 lessons
  • 26 challenges
  • 24 exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, artists, writers, comedians, and creatives
  • Extra space for ideas and note-taking

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