Positioning Yourself As a Hirable Individual


We’re completely raised in a world where we’re supposed to look, act, and be like everyone else. That’s a huge problem—of course—because we’re all naturally quite different from everyone else. We all have totally unique bodies and personalities. Because of society, we’re trained to think that whatever makes us different is wrong. So (BOO!) we spend money and buy more products to make us look like everyone else and we curate our personalities online to behave like others. YOIKS! We’re all so scared to actually be ourselves, but I’m here to help you ✨reframe✨.

What if you could position yourself to where you have virtually no competition—because you’re providing a service and opportunity that absolutely no one else in this entire blue blob can provide? It’s called letting go and just being yourself! Think about it. If you write down every niche skill you have and make a list of each thing about your personality that makes you unique, you’ll have a complete list that looks absolutely unlike anyone else’s. Study that list and be empowered by the fact that !HOT DOG! you are able to do something that no one else can do! Once you’re able (this is the hard part!) to feel excited about what makes you a complete, original catch, you can start selling yourself at job interviews, meetings, and networking events as someone who is able to provide a unique service unlike anyone else. Of course you meet all of those dang bullet points in the generic job description, but you can do so much more!

If we take the time to really, truly know what makes us a total unique treat as a person in the workforce, we can finally seek-out jobs that hire us based on what makes us authentically amazing and different than the rest. More fulfilling relationships and opportunities fall into place giving us the life and career we each deserve.

Meg Lewis