Taking Ownership over Your Thoughts


We're raised in a world where we're constantly taught to judge others—especially when they're different. We’re all supposed to be the same, so when someone looks or acts differently than the norm, we’re taught to think they’re wrong. My mission at Full Time You is to get you to stop thinking of differences as being a negative and start thinking of them as the magical powers that make us each uniquely amazing.

When you see someone wearing something totally unusual, has hair that is totally weird and unlike anything you’ve ever seen, or has a personality that isn’t conforming to social norms—do you judge them?These judgments are completely normal and are a result of this silly world we live in. The more we conform to what is “normal”, the more we’re suppressing who we truly are and it’s super duper sad!

Try monitoring your thoughts in real time. How many times a day are you judging others or even judging yourself for being different? Are the fleeting judgments and internal criticisms you're making toward others really your own thoughts? …Or are you thinking them because society has trained you to? Taking control of your thoughts is a great first step in being more accepting of others, which in return helps to get you one step closer to embracing your own differences!

Meg Lewis