The Best Career Style for Your Personality Type


I’m not here to teach you to quit your day job and do what you love! Full Time You isn’t about being a freelancer or creating a career just like mine. The primary mission of Full Time You is to celebrate you and allow you to feel more fulfilled in your life and career. Good glob it’s 2019 and the best part is that there are so many options for creating a career that gets you paid and feeling fulfilled. 9-5 jobby jobs, side projects, owning your own business, contract work, full-time parent with a part time job, full-time parent a side business, full-time jobby job with a side gig as a clown. The possibilities to mix and match are totally endless. My question for you is: what career type and arrangement makes you feel most secure and fulfilled?

Does your personality naturally love risk or does it make you feel more comfortable to play it safe? Do you like the security of a full-time job or do you not like being told what to do? It’s important that you learn about what you need to feel fulfilled and alter your career to reflect that. There are a lot of people that will tell you how to do your career their way. They’ll tell you to quit your day job or to stop taking risk and just get something reliable already. Listen to them, take it in, but always ultimately do what’s right for you and your personality. My purpose in life is to get you where you need to be in an arrangement that works perfectly for you, baby!

Meg Lewis