Jenna Kutcher on Being Herself


My favorite outcome of Full Time You has been learning about how you all perceive yourselves and what makes you unique and different than me. I asked Jenna to explain her unique personality and how she's been able to incorporate it into her career.
Here's what Jenna had to say:

For so long, I believed that in order to be successful and taken seriously, I had to be formal, buttoned up, and my own public relations rep. Little did I know, being the yoga pant, laid back, messy but driven self would be what would win people over. When I dropped the veil that I had built around me and was ready to stop blending in, everything changed. I suddenly became relatable while still being an authority. In my story, people could say, “Oh my gosh, me too!”

The more real I got, the most people were connected to me, transforming from passive followers to raving fans. The truth was, I had a vision of what a successful woman was supposed to look like from textbooks: she wore high heels, a business suit with shoulder pads, and commanded attention. In reality, just being me, the give next door who left a cushy 9-5 with nothing more than a $300 Craigslist camera and a dream, was the woman people fell in love with.

Stop being who you think you need to be and be who you are. It’s okay to show the real and not just the highlight reel and to connect with people beyond what you do! Build a true brand, not just a business.

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Meg Lewis