Giving Advice

We each have our own unique perspectives and approaches to solving problems, whether it’s general career advice or helping a friend with a dilemma, it’s important to remind yourself, and that person, that they should seek advice from as many people as possible to get the most perspectives. When giving advice, remember that you’re not always 100% right for that person you’re giving advice or information to and that's totally okay!

Think of yourself as an American Idol judge with your own style of advice and your own approach to giving it. Own up to your style because that’s what makes you amazing, unique, special, and worthy of your advice being valuable.

If you go into a conversation ready to give advice, it’s helpful to have the attitude that what you’re saying to them is extremely valuable and a reflection of what makes you amazing, but that might not be 100% right for who they are. They should listen to you and apply what you’re saying in a way that feels right for them.