Feeling Confident About Your Body

Confidence in your body comes when you know your body! The simple act of knowing what your body looks like from all angles, and watching it move and be amazing, is what gets to become more accepting and loving toward the body we were given. It's no secret pop culture, the media, and decades of judgement and constructs have made us believe our bodies are supposed to look a certain way. That's pretty silly because all of our bodies are genetically different, which is what makes us unique, special and amazing.

It takes A LOT of hard work to retrain yourself from what society has told you (your whole dang life) to thinking about your body as being amazingly unique and worthy of being loved. I'm here to share with you my own favorite exercises to how I learned to love my weird, unusual, uniquely amazing body.

Steps to truly knowing, and loving, your body!

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror every day for 5 minutes, watch yourself move, take dance class. Watch your body improve. Or record yourself!
  2. Take a gross-looking selfie every day.
  3. Write down a list of what makes your body different than most others.
  4. Write down how you can show-off those parts of your body. Bonus points if those can be done in ways that make you feel more confident about that part of your body.

I guarantee you’ll be more confident with your body and what makes you unique and different in no time!